Which Type Of Mattress is Best For a 3 Year Old Child?


While choosing mattresses for your 3 year old, you need to be extra careful with a few important points, such as, support, comfortability and size.

These three factors should be kept in mind while choosing a mattress for your kids, or for that matter, for yourself as well. The mattresses which are incapable of providing you the perfect size, comfort and support, should not be used especially by kids.

Kids are at the their growing age, especially 3 year olds, if they’re made to sleep on uncomfortable mattresses, it can spoil their sleeping posture as well as can develop insomnia in future. There are many factors which can harm a child in his or her young age, one of the most common reason is Mattress.

Today, in this article we’ll be discussing the three most important factors to keep in mind while buying a mattress for a 3 year old kid.

Best mattress for kids


  • Size

While choosing a mattress for your kids, it is vital to know how long it would stay with you and what is your child’s age currently. If your child’s age is 3 year old, then please keep in mind that it is a growing age, they would soon increase their height in just a blink of a moment.

Therefore, buying a twin size or large size mattress would be a good idea. Moreover, if you plan to turn your child’s room into a guest hosting room as well, then large size mattresses would be of a great benefit. In fact, Mattressify’s guide to kids mattress suggest that if space allows, consider a full sized mattress, it makes storytelling and cuddling much more fun and comfortable.

  1. Comfort

Comfort level in mattresses is quite essential, it provides you the perfect sleep and a good rest that your body needs. As per the surveys and experiments, innerspring mattresses are the best mattresses for kids under the age of 15. It gives them the right firmness that is needed to provide the right growth for your child.

Many parents believe that the right comfort comes from foam mattresses, whereas, foam mattresses stop their growth as well as they release poisonous gases, which when inhaled by kids can end them up to death.

  1. Support

Many people believe that support and comfort are the same things. It is a misconception, due to which people choose the wrong mattress for their kids. In mattress, support means the right alignment and pressure points for kids.

For the growing kids, pressure points are really  important, it helps the kid to sleep a comfortable night. The alignment for spinal cord is again essential for a good growth of your kid. If they sleep straight with right posture, kids can get a nice sleep and rest that is needed after a long hectic day.


Mattress are an important part of your house, choosing the right mattress has never been a cake walk. Every person has different preferences, depending on their body acceptance. People normally buy a bed and then decide to buy a good mattress, however, it is important to first buy a mattress according to your body style and then get a bed. This should the basic way for deciding your bedding for next 10 years.